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Event Pricing

Painted Lakes Ranch offers indoor and outdoor options for each Ranch Wedding Package.  In the event of inclement weather, you can always move inside and still have a beautiful wedding or event.

Details, please...

PLR offers an open vendor policy, so you can choose your vendors with the exception of the bartender and security.   When you book, we provide you with a planning book that helps you organize and DIY.  This book also includes our preferred vendors.  You are not restricted to our preferred vendors, but we highly recommend them.

Don't want to DIY?  We can do it all for you with our our all-inclusive package, and we work with you to find out how you envision your wedding and then take care of booking your vendors for you.

Weddings: All wedding packages require a deposit and then we set up a monthly payment plan. 

Pricing starts at $1,500 for the Base Rate Packages.  If you have questions, just contact us.

Not having a wedding?  No problem, just tell us what type of event you are hosting and we will provide pricing.

Fill out our pricing form below and tell us what type of event you would like to host and we will provide pricing shortly!

Wedding Package Pricing

PLR offers 3 tiers on the pricing including Base Pricing, Full Pricing and All-Inclusive Pricing.


Click on the applicable link below to download pricing info:


  • Base Pricing features the base rate for the facilities with tables and chairs. 

  • Full Pricing features a package that includes everything you need and more venue customer service and you book your vendors. For example, setup, tear down and clean up are included as well as the location for photos. When you book your day, we send you a planning book that will help guide you through planning and budgeting your wedding.  Take a look at our Elopement Package.

  • All-Inclusive Pricing features everything included in the full package pricing plus our favorite vendors for your big day, a Day of Coordinator and allows us to organize your big day and take care of pulling it all together for you.


  1. Contact us below to make sure we have your date available (call 940.229.9399 or email

  2. Schedule a tour

  3. Book your wedding

  4. Use our planning guide to plan your big day OR let us provide an all-inclusive wedding and we will do everything for you.

  5. Enjoy your day!

Thanks for submitting!

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