History of The Texas Tumbleweed Barn

The Texas Tumbleweed Barn was originally an oil field supply store built in 1927.  When the oilfield crashed in the early 1930s, Joe Clayton purchased the barn and converted it into the local feed store, and it also served as a holding station for cattle.  The Rock Island railroad had a depot located next to the barn, and the cattle were loaded on rail cars and shipped to the Fort Worth Stockyards.  Farmers from all around drove their cattle in with cattle drives on horseback to this old barn so they could be shipped to the stockyards.

After the railroad closed, the feed store remained and was open well into the 1970s.  After it closed, the barn was closed until Wade & Susan Lake hired Randy Martin (star in Texas Flip & Move) with Just Right Transportation to move the old barn in one piece to the home place just a mile down the road.  The old barn was situated on the hill was given the name "The Texas Tumbleweed Barn at Painted Lakes Ranch". 

Painted Lakes Ranch is a stunning ranch wedding venue now with a panoramic view, onsite cabin rentals, fishing, games, and so much more. PLR is a great place for a getaway or for any type of event.

Located just outside of Bryson, near Possum Kingdom lake, only an hour West of Fort Worth, less than an hour from Weatherford, and an hour South of Wichita Falls!